Welcome to cali-r.com celebrating the last 10 years of the California Ballroom, the music of Motown, Soul, Reggae and Jazz Funk from the 60's and 70's.

Sample a very unique night of nostalgia and good music - one visit and we know you'll be hooked!

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Cali-R Soul Night

Friday 9th October
8pm till 12.30am
United Services Club
High Street South, Dunstable
Tickets £8.50 available from:
United Services Club, Dunstable -
01582 475607
Big Stuff, Queensway, Dunstable -
01582 666678

All online sales have been allocated but if you hurry, there are still a few tickets left at Big Stuff & the United Services Club.

Christmas Cali-R featuring
Disco Legends



Saturday 5th December
8pm till 1.30am
Dunstable Leisure Centre
Tickets £18 available from:
Dunstable Leisure Centre -
01582 608107
Big Stuff, Queensway, Dunstable -
01582 666678
and Vinyl Revelations, Luton - 01582 876391

Or buy your tickets now online by clicking the button below...

A £1 booking fee applies to all online sales

The legend of ‘Odyssey’ is not just one of a long lasting search for success, but rather a story of truly international chart topping superstar status.  The string of hits is endless, from ‘Native New Yorker’ through ‘Don't tell me, tell her’ and ‘If you're looking for a way out’ to the classic ‘Going back to my roots’ and ‘Inside out’.  Odyssey have become a household name.

Not only have they topped the pop charts in the UK, USA and every territory in Europe but they also reach into the hot slots of the charts in the middle and far east.  This is not the story of a long strain for acclaim but a great wave of universal success and the story doesn't stop there.

Odyssey's first record "Native New Yorker" was simply the right song in the right place at the right time, having done the right amount of groundwork.  Entering the billboard and cashbox charts before the soul, club and disco charts, Odyssey demonstrated how much of a mainstream crossover group they actually are.  Beautifully crafted catchy pop songs are what distinguishes them from their cult contemporaries.

There is no question that their music has a universal appeal. They are even stars in several eastern block countries such as Poland and Yugoslavia and have recorded songs in Yoruba, Xhosa, French, Spanish, Italian and a dialect called Yanyego, a mixture of African and Spanish which originated in Cuba.

A truly international group, Odyssey likes to spend time in the UK and Europe, the true melting pot of the western and eastern culture.  Britain provides the base for this cultural enhancement.

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